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Chinese Export Silver Tray marked WH90

2.5cm, 90% Pure Solid Silver, Circa 1880s, Excellent. No Damages seen, 555gm,
WH90 (Wang Hing)

Cartier Style Indian Silver Dog

8.5cm, Solid Sterling
Silver, circa 1900s,

Chinese Export Silver Bowl marked WH90

8.2cm, 90% Pure Solid Silver, Circa 1880s, 300gms, WH90 (Wang Hing)

Indian Hunting Scene Silver Bowl / Centerpiece

20.5cm, Solid Sterling Silver, Circa 1875-1880s, Excellent. No Damages Seen.

Indian Kutch Rose Water Sprinkler

34.5cm, Soild Sterling Silver, Circa 1860-70s.
Pre OM Bhuj Type,

Indian Madras Swami Silver Liner Bowl

13cm, Solid Serling
Silver, Circa 1875-1880s,

Indian Princely State Miniature Cigarette Case

Solid Sterling Silver,
Circa 1850-1880s.
Belongs to the Rewah State, 129gm,

Indian Late Mughal Box

Solid Sterling Silver
with Gold mixed,
Late Mughal. Circa 1880s,

A Collection Of 13 Different sizes of Chinese Export Silver Fishes.

Anextremely are collection of 13 chinese exportsolid sterling silverfish.